And Now Let Us Welcome The New Year Full Of Things That Never Were ...Rainer Maria Rilke

When I ran across this quote, it seemed especially true for me this year as I entered a New Year without my precious Mom!  I truly believe that no matter what age we are, we ALWAYS need our Moms!!!

In the past, almost six months, I have taken time away from my online boutique to be available to help my mom as she battled pancreatic cancer and to support my sweet dad as he and our family have coped with the deep grief of her passing!  We know The Lord is our strength and, in time thru Him, healing will come!!

As I have had time to step away, I have also had time to think about the future of Lilly and Lacey!  I have come to the conclusion that an "all-inclusive" online boutique is not necessarily what Lilly and Lacey should be.  There are so many wonderful online boutiques now which also brings tremendous competition!

I am in the process, thru prayer and seeking The Lord's guidance, as to what the next steps for Lilly and Lacey might be.  We are not just about stylish clothing and chic trends, but more about encouraging women to be confident in who God created them to be!!  So, no matter what the future for Lilly and Lacey may look like, I am confident that it will be for the best!  For now, we will continue to run some great sales on the current merchandise.

I am SO very grateful and thankful to each of YOU that have been so supportive to us in this past year and a half!! We would have not had the success that we did have with Lilly and Lacey, if not for YOU!!

And now to paraphrase the above quote... May the New Year Full of Things That Never Were...Be A Wonderful Year Full Of Good Things That Will Be!!   

Happy 2019!!

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