Wow, here we are in the "countdown" till Christmas Day!!  It is SO easy for us to become overwhelmed with the "busyness" of all the extra festivities and events the Holiday brings...but I really really try to embrace it all!!  What other time of the year can we justify spending a bit more on frivolous things for those we know and love...what other time of year can we decorate our homes to the point of "too much" and it is beautiful to us...and what other time of year can we justify baking and eating all of the wonderful "sweet" treats that come our way?!!  

It truly is "The Most Wonderful Time Of Year"!  But as wonderful and fun as the festivities are, these are not the things that make it the most wonderful time of year, it is the true 
"Reason For The Season", the Birth of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, that makes it "The Most Wonderful Time Of Year"!!  

A couple of Sundays ago, I heard a Pastor preach on the "Sounding Joy" of the season!! What is sounding joy?!  It is "singing"!  In the Christmas song, Joy To The World, one of the stanzas says "repeat the sounding joy", repeat the sounding joy, repeat the sounding joy"!  Webster's defines "sounding" as noise, vocal utterance, to cause, make or emit, pronounce, etc....and the list goes on and on!  This Pastor was encouraging us to "sing" through the Christmas Repeat the Sounding Joy of Jesus' Birth...truly something that we need to Celebrate!!  

So, let us not just "repeat the sounding joy" during this Christmas Season, but let us remember, no matter the circumstances, to "repeat the sounding joy" every day of the Year!! Jesus is SO deserving of our praise and love to Him, always!!

May You and Your families have a Most Blessed Christmas Season and a Wonderful New Year ahead!!

Until next time...Be Blessed, Be a Blessing and Be Beautiful YOU!

With Love and Joy


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