This is an exciting time of the year as we anticipate the changing of the seasons and holidays that are not too far away!!  I am not one to "rush" goes way too fast on its own, but, I am the kind of person that likes to plan ahead and organize for the coming days!

Now is the time many of us "switch" our clothes to accommodate our closets for the current season that is upon us!   This can be a very frustrating and challenging task, but it is well worth any time and effort that we make!   A well-organized closet allows one to maximize purchases and create a polished professional wardrobe selection, even on the busiest of mornings! 

Below, I have listed a few simple steps that I like to use to help organize my closet each season...

Rule of Thumb...if you haven't worn it in two years....Give it Away!

1. Ask yourself....Would you buy this again?  Does it go with anything else in your closet? Does it have any sentimental value?  If not...give away!

2. Categorize clothing according to their function.....Professional, Social, Formal, etc.

3. Group dresses, slacks, blouses, etc. in their own groups and hang by colors....usually going from light colors to dark colors.  

4. Hang outerwear together and fold all sweaters to help them maintain their shape.

5. Organize Shoes/Boots neatly...there are clear plastic shoe box sized containers that will help minimize the space that these items can take up.

6. Organize Jewelry to make it an easy "go to" when looking for that perfect piece to compliment your outfit.  There are many affordable options for this.

7. It is always a good idea as you are organizing your closet to put together several outfits with accessories and either hang together or take pictures to refer to when you have one of those hectic mornings!  And we all have them!

These are just a few guidelines that help when making the "seasonal" switching out of a wardrobe!   There are many options for the closets of today!!  Some are "room size" with chandeliers, tufted bench seating, artwork and lots of dream closet😍   But, no matter what size our closets may be, a neat and organized closet is a great benefit to have when making wardrobe selections for whatever events the upcoming season may offer!!  SO, try to make this tedious task fun and be creative with your organization.  I often hear one of my daughters refer to "shopping" her closet!  Sometimes you never know what wonderful pieces of clothing you may have forgotten about, and remember, you can always check out Lilly and Lacey for the newest look!!

Until next time...Be Blessed...Be a Blessing... and Be Beautiful YOU!!


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