Have you ever thought of why the first day of the week, MONDAY, is always associated with negative words...Monday Morning Blues...Ugh, it's a MONDAY...etc.   Our attitudes about anything, even the day of the week, can either enhance or dampen the experience!!   One of my Sunday evening routines is to look over my calendar for the upcoming week and make notations accordingly for my schedule.  I especially look at Mondays because that is the first day of the work week and I challenge myself to be excited for a new week, another new opportunity to complete or start new projects, volunteer, schedule opportunities to reach out to family or friends.   I find that my "attitude" toward anything is crucial to my experience!! 

As I type this blog this morning...it is a rainy Monday...my husband just left for a business trip,  my son is headed back to College from being home for Fall break....and while these things make me feel a bit "sad"...I have learned through past life experiences that it is always best to be so grateful for the moments we have had and anticipate with joy the moments to come!!  Several years ago, when my children were younger, I hosted a women's gathering in my home, that I called "Marvelous Mondays".  As I reached out to several women that I wanted to include, Mondays were the best day for each of our schedules!  We would drop off our children at school and come together at my home for coffee/muffins, fellowship, devotions and prayer time!  It was a special time and for a "season" much needed in all of our lives!  Over the years, our "seasons of life" have continued to transition, but just like the attitudes toward Mondays...so goes the attitude toward the seasons of our life!! 

My challenge to each of us, especially as the Holidays are approaching so quickly, is to "embrace and enjoy" the moment we are in and not become too busy to "miss"  the blessings the Lord sends our way!   It is our "choice" whether to be positive or negative, kind or unkind, happy or grumpy...I choose KIND, POSITIVE and HAPPY...how about you?!

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Until next time...Be Blessed, Be a Blessing and Be Beautiful YOU!

With Love,



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