Written in the picture of this blog post, it states that "The best time for New Beginnings is NOW!  We always think of the New Year as the opportunity to set goals or resolutions of eating less, exercise more, clean out, organize, spend more time with those you love, start a hobby, check off an item on your bucket list, travel to a new place, learn a foreign language, etc .... and the list could go on and on! 

I like to set goals... and especially as we enter a new year, I feel as if it is a "new canvas" of life that is ready to be drawn on, colored and designed.  We all may have similar goals but we are all different and unique.  The way we may look at and pursue similar goals can still be very different!  God created each of US for a Special Purpose and with that, HE created each of US with Special Gifts!!  For some of us, we may know at a young age what our passions and dreams are but for others of us, it may take several years or various avenues to find our passions!   That is OK!!  If I have learned anything in my life experiences, it is that we need to show ourselves a bit of Grace!!  We can be the hardest on ourselves!! 

So, now when January 1st approaches, I do not feel the "stress" of having everything planned, cleaned out, and finalized by the end of that day or even the end of the first week of the New Year!  It is so easy to set ourselves up for failure if we do not do it on the "first day" of the New Year!  We feel that we have already failed so why even bother, right?!   If we think about it, Rome was NOT built in a DAY!  I now show myself a little "grace" and take the ENTIRE month of January to plan, regroup and refocus!!  Allow yourself the time to settle into a 'new routine" by deliberate and intentional planning.  I find that I accomplish so much more and I am actually less stressed over it all!  I look forward to reaching the goals that I set for myself!!  

A few years ago, I had the quote, "Sometimes in order to create a Masterpiece, you have to color outside of the lines", that was tagged with my signature on all of my correspondence. I loved the quote because as an interior designer, color is my passion and this seemed to fit my mantra!  Now, working in the Fashion/Style world, I like the quote, "Live Colorfully"!  That covers so many areas of one's life and again it uses the word "color"!  

I challenge each of you this year to set those goals, show yourself a bit of grace and live colorfully!  It's OK to color outside the lines occasionally too because that is what will truly make YOU your own Masterpiece!!

Until next time...Be Blessed, Be a Blessing and Be Beautiful YOU!

Colorfully Yours!







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