Happy Monday and Happy Fall!!  It is hard to believe that Lilly and Lacey was launched over a month ago!!  We would like to say a big THANK YOU to all of you that have been so supportive the past few weeks...purchasing, "liking and sharing" our FaceBook and Instagram posts and offering nice and encouraging comments!!  It is because of YOU, our customers, that we can continue to move forward!!

This is also one of the very reasons that Lilly and Lacey was launched; to encourage women of all ages to be the "Beautiful Women" they are and confident in the woman that God created them to be!!  We also have a "heart" for needs of others in our own communities, our country and our world!  So, we would like to share with you that every quarter we will take 10% of all purchases made and donate to a specific cause.  We will share at the beginning of each quarter which charity we will donate to. October 1st will begin our first quarter to do this.  As you shop now, always keep in mind that a percentage of your purchase goes to a need for someone else!  It is always good to know that you can make a difference to someone else!!  Every bit helps!!

Again, Thank You, and just know, you are truly appreciated!!

Until next time...Be Blessed, Be a Blessing and Be Beautiful YOU!!

With Love!




Gail on

Love this…love you…and love Lilly and Lacy! <3

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