I am typing this, I feel myself begin to become excited, anxious and a bit overwhelmed all at once!!  The title of my blog post for today..."Just Around The Corner" means what??   The Holiday Season my friends!!!  Did some of you feel your heart race too??  Honestly, though, that is NOT how the "Most Wonderful Time Of The Year" should make us feel!!  I am sure many of you, like myself, each year try to be so organized and prepared so that you can enjoy it all!!  But, somehow, times speeds up and before you know it, you are just going thru every festive event with the focus on the next one!  It is the culture in which our world turns!!   

I have learned over the years, though, that "planning and organizing" is definitely KEY to being able to enjoy and embrace it all!!  I was blessed to have a Mom that was not only nurturing and beautiful "inside and out", but, honestly to this day, the most organized person that I have ever known!  She still is!!  Her secret was "planning and preparing" ahead of the day, event, or activity.   When we were too young to choose our own outfits, I remember her selecting the night before what my brother, sister and I would all church, school etc.  She would even help my dad, too, haha!   She worked outside of the home but I always remember cooked meals, a neat home, clean clothes, baked cupcakes for school events etc.  I am sure she had very weary days, but I never knew it at the time.  So, I learned at an early age the importance of planning!  I can assure you that my planning has not always looked as effortless as my Mom's....but that is least I am attempting!!

I encourage each of you to start now your planning for the Holiday Season that is "just around the corner"!  Some of you may already be finished with your Christmas shopping....I have known a few women that finish by the end of October!!  Good for YOU if you are one of those women!  As for the rest of us...make your lists for everything you need and want to do...and start now if you haven't already!  We can never be too organized!!  And don't forget to check out Lilly and Lacey for your Holiday attire and accessories!!

We can then enjoy and embrace the fullness of the "most wonderful time of the year" and truly "celebrate the reason for the season", the birth of our LORD AND SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST!!  

Until next time...Be Blessed, Be a Blessing, and Be Beautiful YOU!!

With Love,


PS....a great place to start your Christmas Shopping...if you are in the Winston-Salem NC area...please come see us, as Lilly and Lacey will be a vendor at the Gift Shopping Expo at Winmock, Bermuda Run on Thursday, November 2, 2017, 2:30-7:00!!

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