It always seems that once November 1st arrives the season really does look more like "Fall"!  We have a beautiful huge Red Maple Tree that makes for a lovely view as I look out my kitchen window.  In the Spring it provides beautiful thick green foliage, usually with a bird's nest or two nestled in its branches representing "new life" that the Spring season brings!  In the Fall, especially around November, the deep red and orange leaves begin to brown and quietly flutter to the ground with the approaching cooler breezes.  The leaf covered grass and bare tree limbs remind me of the Thanksgiving Holiday that is fast approaching!  I try to "embrace" this special holiday too.  Now, I LOVE the Christmas season and especially "Celebrating the Birth of our Savior"!!  But, in order to not rush the entire Holiday Season too fast, I intentionally try to "slow down"  the week before and during Thanksgiving.  This is a time to truly embrace the Blessings of enjoy wonderful times with family and friends...gathering around tables laden with delicious foods, around cozy warm fires sharing stories and memories, going to movies together or strolling thru streets of hometowns that have just been decorated for Christmas!  This is a time when I want to soak in every moment with an "attitude of gratitude"!!  I would challenge each of you to do the same!!  You will be refreshed and ready to hit the ground running on "Black Friday"!!  haha

We, at Lilly and Lacey, will be adding new items in the coming days and bringing you a sample of our Luxe Style Box that we are taking preorders on...(please refer to last Monday's Blog Post for more information)  My apologies for not getting the sample on for November 1st, but, due to a delay in some items, I was unable to put one together by the date.  We will also be posting some Black Friday and Cyber Mondays, please check us out daily on Facebook and Instagram!!  

Our hope is to do everything in order to "slow down" for just a bit to enjoy our Thanksgiving Holiday with Family and Friends...that is just around the corner!!  I hope that you will do the same!

Until next time...Be Blessed, Be a Blessing and Be Beautiful YOU!!

WIth Love,


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