In light of all of the devastation that our country/world has experienced in the past couple of weeks with Hurricanes, Wildfires, Earthquakes...etc., I find it a bit shallow for me to talk about fashion trends and style for this blog day!  So, I have chosen to focus on "Family"!  What makes all of the things we celebrate, so special?  Celebrating with those we love and care about....and sometimes it is actually "Celebrating The Ones" we love and care about!

In the month of August and September, I have the privilege of Celebrating, several of the women in my life that have been and still are mentors to me and beautiful examples of Christian Women, Wives, Mothers, Grandmothers and most recently added...Great Grandmothers!!  These women are my Mom, Mother in Laws, and Grandmothers!   Except for my Grandmother Harmon ("Lilly"), the others have Birthdays in these two months!!  Have you ever stopped to really think about the actual day a person was born??  How Special to know that God, in His infinite wisdom, chose that date to bring that particular person into the world?  I believe there is a purpose in ALL things and that a person's birthday is truly a SPECIAL DAY, not just for them, but for the ones they love and influence and that love them!! 

This Sunday, September 17, would have been my Grandmother Lacey's 99 Birthday!!  I still am reminded of her smile, the way she held her glass of ice tea and swirled it around to make the ice cubes clink against the glass (her way of making the tea become cold faster), the smell of her perfume when we were "going to town" to shop or "out to eat", the taste of her famous coconut cake or orange cake that melted in your mouth the moment it touched your lips...sweet and precious memories that make me still "Celebrate" her life in my heart!!

As we pray for the difficulties and challenges that are taking place daily in our lives, may we truly savor the moments we have right here and right now with the ones we love and care about.  "Family" comes in many forms and God blesses us with daily opportunities to make a difference in someone's life....may we choose to do this before it is actually needed and may we always "Celebrate" those we love and care about by the way we live our lives!

So...Happy Birthday to my Grandmother Lacey!!  (Mammaw Jolly as known to our family) Thanks for the Memories!!

Until next time...Be Blessed, Be A Blessing and Be Beautiful YOU!





Lori Morris on

Happy Birthday Mammaw Jolly! (Lacey)

Celebrate family!!! Such a true statement! Oh how I would love to have “one” more bite of Lacey’s delicious orange or coconut cakes! (I have attempted to fix them myself, but they just don’t turn out the same).

I agree that we should CELEBRATE every second of the sweet time that our heavenly Father gives us with those loved ones in our lives that He has blessed us with! Never take for granted one minute! Don’t be in bondage to hurt, resentment, or unresolved anger. Allow the grace and mercy that we have been given through Jesus Christ to set you free!

Until next time, I think I might be a blessing like you sweetly suggest, to one of Lacey’s great-granddaughter’s and bake a cake in her great- mammaws honor:) Happy Birthday Mammaw Jolly!!!! We sure do miss you!!!

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