Good Morning….. I just recently visited one of my favorite Southern cities ever....Charleston SC!!  When was the last time you had the opportunity to just sit and Be Still… in the presence of God's Beautiful creation?!!  I am sure, like my family, a lot of you visited some beautiful places for vacation this summer…. the beaches, coast lines, tropical islands or maybe it was mountains, canyons or a cruise on the vast oceans to far away places.

Did you take time to truly relish the beauty of your surroundings??  Even if it were trips with family, (lots of family) ....amid the busy is of our own choosing to relish the moments.  Believe you me, I KNOW the busy of big family vacations and even after all of these years....I relish and look forward to the time we can all be together!  I have learned to find some "God and me" time…to "Be Still and Know".  Mostly to BE STILL AND KNOW HE HAS GOT IT!  Whatever "IT" may be in your life!! 

So, for me to have a couple of days to soak in the natural beauty of HIS creation truly does something to my soul!!   I LOVE the Charm and Rich History....even though there are definitely times of our southern history that break my heart….but, it shows me the beauty and strength of the Human Spirit!!!  I love the large Spanish moss trees that drip their feathery limbs across the cobblestone paths, the intricately fashioned wrought iron garden gates that lead to secret pathways …can you tell it does something to my soul?!  I could go on and on!!

So the takeaway for Lilly and Lacey ChitChat today….I hope was to encourage you to "BE Still and Know"!  I know several of my friends of Lilly and Lacey that already do this and I am sure there are many others of you who, do too, as well!  This is when I especially welcome any comments for us to connect and become a "family of friends"!  Feel free to share ways you spend your "quiet time" so that it might inspire someone else in a new way to do theirs! Maybe share a devotional or inspirational book that has encouraged you!

This is the opportunity for "Community"  that is similar to the “Era of my Grandmothers”!  When we as women encourage and build up each other!!  Our world needs the sense of community and connecting it seems now, more than ever!!  Please be encouraged and an encouragement to others too!

…Until Next Time....Be Blessed, Be A Blessing and Be Beautiful YOU!




Lori Morris on

Thank you for this suggestion to Be Still. In this fast paced, busy world, taking time to be still can get replaced by deadlines, to do lists, and full schedules. However, when we do take the time to stop to enjoy a beautiful sunset, a full moon on a clear night, or even a gentle cool breeze on a hot summer day, our attitude can actually change. Even if our Be Still moment is short lived, we can actually marvel in that moment and exalt the very one who created this world and everything in it for us to enjoy! We then have an opportunity to return to those deadlines, to do lists, etc, with a new perspective and outlook because we took that time to Be Still.

I love your tag line of Be Blessed, Be A Blessing, and Be Beautiful YOU! Today, I am adding your suggestion to…… BE STILL!

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